If some Boomer had gone into a coma a year ago and just came out of it today. he would probably doubt his sanity. How did we get to the point that our choice for President of the United States of America is rapidly boiling down to Hilary Clinton or (gasp!!) Donald Trump? Hilary has been more or less predictable for a good while, but Donald Trump? Seriously? Granted, I have not voted actively FOR anyone for Pres since John Anderson in 1976, having almost exclusively voted against someone else in the other elections, as being the lesser of two evils. But The Donald? It is like a seriously bad joke. How could this bloated gasbag get to be the leader of all Republican candidates, a field which not too long ago was eighteen people? Unless the polls have completely gone off the skids, the only potential challengers that could catch Trump are Cruz and Rubio, who are damn near as crazy as he is. These are the choices we get? Where are the moderate, reasonable, conservative-leaning, presidentially weighty, honest (or at least reasonably so, or at the very least seemingly so) leaders of our great nation? One place they ain’t is running for President. 

     I can’t say as I blame them. Who in their right mind WOULD want to inhabit the Oval Office? First, you would have to go through the brutal vetting process wherein an army of muckrakers has raked every ounce of muck - true or false - from your past and your family’s past and blasted huge spotlights on all of it. Then, the day you get elected, you begin your real job: running for re-election, ( i.e. raising money). Not a day will go by in the next four years in which you do not grovel for more and more money from increasingly slimy sources. You will be kissing the asses of the worst people this country can produce, promising them anything while your Party people and your own advisers scream at you that you need more, always more. Lewis Black has called our two-party system “a bucket of shit looking at itself in a mirror.” All of your dreams of leading the country to peace and prosperity probably last a week before the cruel realities of an increasingly insane and dangerous world stomp them into the mud. And I seriously suspect that you don’t even know what is really going on in the world until your first month in office has gone by. I can just imagine your new Chief of Staff walking into your office with a load of highly classified files with titles like “Area 51 - Alien Relations”, “9-11 Facts and Fiction”, “The New World Order”, “Who Really Runs Things” and “Things to NEVER Say”. 

    I know what I wold like to hear from somebody who just wanders in off the street at either Party’s next debate, or even at the conventions.

    1) I am running for President. If elected, I will never seek re-election or any other public office.
    2) I will never raise money for myself, a political party, any other politicians or any cause whatever while in office. Never. Not a dime.
    3) I will spend a great deal of time every day and every week working at my job. I will only take a reasonable amount of vacation time, just like any other CEO.
    4) My first priority will always be the safety and security of this country.
    5) Many of our basic systems are broken, some badly. These need immediate attention in order to be fixed. They include, but are not limited to: education, election system, system of criminal justice, health care, veterans’ issues, taxation, immigration, infrastructure and all areas of foreign policy. 

    A lot of people might be glad to hear something like that. If Donald Trump said that, he would explode.

Cinema Corner

    Today we start a new feature on the Boomer Blog: reviews of current and upcoming movies both in theaters and on cable. It is geared towards us: folks from about 55 to 70 who are busy downsizing, getting ready for or already dealing with retirement, facing health issues and all the other fun stuff from the “Golden Years” - you can have them!

    As you have probably seen, Turner Classic Movies has been running some truly great movies in honor of the Oscars (handed out on Sunday). The prime timer tonight is The Candidate from 1972 with Robert Redford as an idealistic young Senate candidate who finds out how things really are. Very appropriate for today’s rant. By the end of the movie, Redford is reduced to just looking out into the TV cameras and laughing at the ludicrous position into which he has been levered. Nice job by everyone, especially Peter Boyle in an Oscar-winning supporting role. Buck says: check it out.